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Tuesday 1st March 202210:30Prayer Session
Friday 4th March 202214:00Chatty Crafters
Sunday 6th March 202210:30Sunday Worship
Monday 7th March 202209:00Building Blocks
Tuesday 8th March 202210:30Prayer Session
Sunday 13th March 202210:30Sunday Worship
Monday 14th March 202209:00Building Blocks
Tuesday 15th March 202210:30Prayer Session
Wednesday 16th March 202214:30Ladies Fellowship Meeting
19:30Church Members Meeting
Friday 18th March 202214:00Coffee, Cake and Chat
Saturday 19th March 202210:00Prayer Day
Sunday 20th March 202210:30Sunday Worship
Monday 21st March 202209:00Building Blocks - CANCELLED
Unfortunately this session is cancelled due to building works in the church premises this week
Tuesday 22nd March 202210:30Prayer Session
Sunday 27th March 202210:30Sunday Worship
Monday 28th March 202209:00Building Blocks
Tuesday 29th March 202210:30Prayer Session
Wednesday 30th March 202219:30Evening Prayer Session on Zoom
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