Zoom Bible Study :The Fruit of the Spirit- (1) Love
2nd September 2020
These Zoom meetings are great - do please join if you possibly can. Garry writes "The first of a new series exploring the ‘Fruit of the Spirit’. This week it’s all about LOVE! Do message me if you’d like to join the group 😊. There are about 20 of us praying together, sharing life and exploring God’s word -it really is good!"

After a short period with all of us together - catching up on general news - we split into small groups - typically 4 housholds in a group. Again a little bit of catching up on News, prayer for any news items needing prayer, then study (that sounds like hard work - it's really an enjoyable time of sharing, using Garry's questions as a guide and inspiration.)

If you are not already in this meeting as a regular, contact Garry (minister.desboroughbaptist@gmail.com )if you'd like to join, so you get a Zoom "invitation " just before the meeting. Open to anyone, anywhere in the world - you don't have to live in The Desborough/Rothwell area or be a member of our church.


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